Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The process it takes to get your cake

I wanted to blog about the process it takes to get from ingredients to a fabulous cake. I know it may sound weird, but I thought it was a good idea so if anyone ever has a question as to why it is so much or we need date of event in advance, than I can point them to this post.

This is the beginning of your cake(note: yours may not have as many ingredients)

Process of your homemade marshmallow fondant.Kneading so it has the smooth yummy texture.

mmm raw cake ingredients..

the delicious cake batter, before it made it to oven.

After all the baking and fondants made and dyed.( This cake was 6 fondants and 6 cakes)

Brad now constructing once ive finished my part(still keeps his humor into the late hours)

dirty icing the cake so your fondant will stick and stay moist

starting process of rice krispies to be used so all aspects of the cake are edible

design is coming together

more amazing design

the final cake on the board to make sure it works.

what all of the raw ingredients turned into. A cake and 2 delicious lollipops

Cake design test with the packaged candy to make sure it is what brad envisioned

Final Product! all ready to be delivered

WIlly Wonka BIrthday Cake

This cake was made for Miss Zada's 5 1/2 birthday, her theme was willy wonka. For her invitations she sent out a Zada Bar, so Brad designed it after her invitations.It is our biggest cake so far.

The lollipops are completely edible.

The Zada Bar complete and set up at party, it was a hit

Birthday girl eating her HUGE sucker

I'm pretty sure Phoenix was amazed beyond believe that he could eat it.

Tribute Cake

In June, Benny asked for a tribute cake for his grandpa's birthday celebration, for if he were still here.
We did a simple cake that he loved.