Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newest Gooiest Cookie

I know this site is about our custom cakes that we make, but I also like to bake everything I can.So I think I think I will start posting the other things I bake so that you can get an idea if you dont want to order just a cake, you may order other goodies from us as well.
Today I decided to make a delicious cookie I saw on Pinterest. It was a red velvet cheesecake cookie, they are soo yummy!!
here is the link if you would like to try them yourselves:


New Design

If you notice the amazingly fantastic new layout and buttons for you to communicate with us easier, you can thank the talented Kira for doing it for me!  She is amazing and i can't thank her enough. It will soon also be connected to twitter and facebook. Thank you for everyone who has supported us in this side business so far, hopefully one day soon this can turn into an actual bakery.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Superbowl Sunday! Giants vs. Patriots

Alisha came to us a few months ago really excited to tell us to ask if we would be willing to do a cake for the Waterford Auction, and we would be in the live auction! Needless to say we were pretty excited, Thank you for this opportunity Alisha! Well Brad got hard at work at ideas, and came up with this fabulous rival cake.

(one cake was pound cake with buttercream frosting and the other was chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting)
This cake sold for $500, so glad it went to a great cause. But my jaw did drop when I found out one of "our" cakes brought in that much!!

Bella and Emma turn Big #3!!

This was the cake Brad had been waiting to do, a special cake for his precious twin daughters!
He went tinker bell princess theme for them, and left no detail untouched for them.He is the hardest worker, and stays up until the wee hours of the night to make every creation perfect and with so much detail. You are my hero Brad!!

(this cake was top layer chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting and bottom layer pound cake with american buttercream frosting)
Happy Birthday Bella and Emma!! xoxo