Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dave and Daddy.. and all you amazing dads!!

Dave (my step-dad) loves the Raiders, Brad is a Broncos fan so we didn't know how this cake would turn out. Luckily it went smoothly and Dave loved the cake and Brad survived. This cake we did chocolate sponge cake with raspberry filling and a ganache frosting. Happy Happy Fathers Day everyone!

These next 2 pictures are of the first cake i ever did with fondant for the superbowl, so very sorry for the unprettiness of it. Also the other cake was one I did for our friends Whitney and Justin's Baby girl first birthday. Brad insisted that I put them on so that you could all see how fast we have progressed and I think how much better they look now that brad makes them look pretty and I only make them taste good :D enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Cake

This first cake I did alone and it was for Vander's birthday on March 17th.

This next cake was the first one brad helped with his design skills on. It was for Teresa's Baby shower for Baby Aspen Promise.

This is where the magic of the cakes started. April 2011 this is when i recruited brad to help with Jed's cake. Alisha had asked me to do an evel knievel cake for his birthday. I didn't think I could get the artistic look I wanted on my own, so I recruited Brad and this is when we decided to try to grow a buisness from custom cake designs.
The flavor of this cake was chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.

From this birthday party Alisha threw a couple saw the cake and loved and it and decided we could make their 3 year old sons birthday cake. Connor loves star wars, so Brad came up with a design and these were the results. This cake was made with all vegan ingredients, even the fondant was vegan.
The flavor was white cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

We than had a request from Brad's cousin seeing this cake. She wanted a star wars design as well, but this time brad came up with a bigger scale light saber. He used wooden dowels with rice krispies wrapped around the wood and than wrapped in fondant for the design. The light sabers were life size for both boys to play with.
The flavor was red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

This is River's Birthday cake. He wanted us to incorporate 4 of his likes into one cake, so alisha came up with the idea of a shield type design. Brad drew up the rest and it made this marvelous cake.
The flavor was devils food with cream cheese frosting.

There will be more cakes to come. If your interested in a custom cake for any event a 2 week advance notice is what we like to work in between, your price will depend on the design, supply cost, and time put into your cake. If you have further questions feel free to text or call Rebecca at (801)920-1436.